Call for Candidates for the EAES Research Committee

Submission deadline 30th December 2017

All EAES members are invited to submit their candidacy for membership in one of the EAES Committees

We currently have vacant positions in the:

Research Committee and Technology Committee

For a mission statement of each of the individual committees please refer to Research committee page or Technology Committee page on our website.

Selection procedure:

The applications will be reviewed by the selection committee on the following criteria:

*          Research quality of applicant
*          Leadership
*          Commitment & motivation
*          Vision for responsibility
*          Geographical consideration

When your candidature is accepted you will be invited for an interview, after which the final selection will take place.

Term of Office
Following our bylaws each committee member will serve a 2-year term and his/her position is eligible for re-election for another 2-year term.

Submitting your candidacy:
Only paid up EAES active members are eligible to submit their candidacy. Submission deadline 30th December 2017.

Please submit your application along with your CV and a short mission statement to the EAES Office. If you are interested in joining the
EAES Research committee, to Therese van Velthoven at:
EAES Technology committee, to Gisela Brandsma at: